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Ronan Campbell Jewellers

Ronan Campbell Jewellers has over the years worked with hundreds of clients to pick out something special. It gives me great pleasure to share with you the feedback I have received from just a few of my clients.

Denis: In many respects the job of picking a diamond is like deep sea fishing! There is a huge ocean to work within but without the right guidance and knowledge you could cast off all day and only reel in fry fish. As a novice, the world of diamonds can be as over whelming. There are weights, colours, clarity, cut and certificates all to contend with when trying to select what will most likely be the most expensive single jewellery purchase of a mans life. Self education on the internet can only teach you so much. After that, experience and depthful knowledge comes into its own. Ronan has heaps of both and was invaluable in sourcing the exact solitaire that I wanted, having gone through all the options with him. His honesty is a pleasure to deal with as many jewellers would sell sand to the Arabs and ice to the eskimos. He could not have made life easier for me once we firmed up on exactly how I wanted the diamond set. He produced an amazing ring that catches the eye of anybody who sees my wifes left hand!

Brian: From the first day I visited the store to the day I picked up the ring Ronan Campbell worked to ensure that I got exactly what I wanted. When I finally saw the ring it exceeded all my expectations, the quality and craftmanship were second to none. More importantly, my fiancé loved it and not a day goes by where somebody does not notice and complement her on her beautiful ring. This is something that you only do once in your life and I was very nervous, but Ronan Campbell made sure that selecting and buying the ring was the easy part.

Conor: An engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases you are going to make in your lifetime. Therefore you need the reassurance that you are going to get the level of quality and service required. I wanted a ring specifically customized for my girlfriend and I took great comfort in knowing that Ronan Campbell was going to deliver the ring I knew she’d love. The level of service Ronan offered throughout all stages, from concept design to delivery of the finished product, re-assured me that I was getting a ring of true quality

JohnRonan had the complete knowledge & expertise to give me the confidence to buy the actual ring for the big proposal. Ronan’s calming influence as to what your lady requires is second to none and I would advise any man who is about to ask the biggest question of his life to get Ronan onside…..Thank you so much Ronan for all your help, guidance & knowledge

Fabien and Alice (Bordeaux, France) Dealing with Ronan Campbell Jewellers was nothing short of a joy and a pleasure. We do not live in Ireland and only had a photo of what we had in mind for an engagement ring.  Ronan understood immediately what we wanted in terms of quality and design and we never saw the ring until it was completed. The ring is really a rare beauty and is a testament itself to Ronan and his team.  To be able to understand a client and their wishes from the outset is ararity and something Ronan does with such ease and confidence.  His professionalism is outstanding. We couldn’t have hoped for more from our experience with Ronan Campbell Jewellers and would not hesitate in recommending this establishment to all we cross paths with.

Thank you so much Ronan and we look forward to ordering our wedding bands with you shortly!

Ronan Campbell Jewellers

Unit 26 Citywest Shopping Centre
Dublin 24

Tel: 01-4660626



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